The Most Useful Headset!
How many active pilots have an aviation headset, and then buy another noise-canceling headset without a microphone for use when they travel on commercial airlines?

Or, how many general aviation pilots do you know that have an aviation headset that gets used only a few times a month, or maybe even less? In fact how many ex-pilots have headsets gathering dust, because they don't fly anymore? but they made the investment in a headset.

There is a wiser way to buy a headset - buy one that will work great while flying, AND will work great for any other use you have for a headset.

The Mach 5 headset was designed to be the most useful headset in the world - in the cockpit AND also in a commercial airline, and for high fidelity stereo music enjoyment, and with your cell phone, and even while you are operating noisy equipment.

Active pilots tell us that they like the Mach 5 because it feels lighter on their head, and those who wear glasses tell us that the big soft ear cups feel better against their ears. We've heard that our headset looks a lot nicer than the green industrial looking headsets they preferred in the past.

The fold-flat carrying case is very handy for putting your headset in your pilot bag. It was originally intended for when you travel commercial and need to carry your headset in your carry-on bag. And it is very good for that. But we hadn't realized that the old-style aviation headsets are kind of clunky to put away whenever they aren't on your head. Until the Mach 5 came along that is. The Mach 5 headset folds flat and fits nicely in its attractive case - along with the cables and microphone and all the other accessories that come with it. That is very compact and convenient all of the time.

Aviation headsets are mono. So is the Mach 5 when it's in pilot mode. But the rest of the time it is a very high-quality, high-fidelity, noise canceling stereo headset. IN fact that is part of the secret of the Mach 5's quality. We started with an active noise-canceling headset that is designed to please audio aficionados, then added the same type of high quality noise canceling aviation microphone that is used on David Clark aviation headsets.

We made the microphone boom removable, so the headset can be used outside of the cockpit. And we added additional software and accessories so that it can be used in many other ways. All of these other uses add real value to this headset.

Consider what headset you would recommend to a first time trainee. You know how many start out, but either never finish their training, or finish and then never fly much. But so many are stuck with a headset that they never use again. If they had a Mach 5, they would still be able to use it, and save the value of their investment.

The Mach5 is the wise choice for active pilots because of its light weight, good looks, nice feel, and high quality audio AND its ability to be used outside of the cockpit. It is the wise choice for low time pilots because it is the best way to make the investment in a quality aviation headset pay off, because it has so many non-aviation uses.