Five uses of the Mach 5

The Mach 5 Headset breaks the norm with being an aviation headset that you can continue to use after your flight. Rather than packing away your headset for it to sit until your next flight, why not use it for multiple purposes.

When you unplug the aviation cable and boom, you replace the boom with a wireless transmitter and you are ready to go with a wireless headset for all your other uses. We are currently working on adapters that will also give you the ability to unplug the cable and use your Mach 5 headset without wires in you aircraft as well.
The Mach-5 is based upon the highly rated noise-canceling headset from Audio-Technica®. This headset suppresses 90% of the external noise (compared to about 85% for most other noise canceling headsets). It is highly rated for stereo music listening, which is another advantage.

Lighter, and better looking than most aviation headsets, and the ability to be used as a normal wireless headset, owners might find themselves using the Mach 5 for many non-aviation purposes as well. In fact, the Mach 5 slogan of “breaking the sound barrier 5 ways” refers to this possibility.

General Aviation

The Mach 5 Headset is a lightweight, comfortable, noise cancelling aviation headset. It has a cable that plugs into both the headset and your general aviation airplane. The cable is small, but extremely strong with redundant conductors for extra reliability. The ear-cups are large enough to fit large ears without rubbing or pressing wrong, and at the same time those with smaller ears will appreciate how the Mach 5 headset feels small and comfortable.

The Active Noise cancellation does an excellent job cancelling 90% of environmental noises. The headset uses a single triple A battery which can last up to 35 hours. The Mach 5 headset is easily adjustable for different head sizes and shapes and also has a flex boom that swivels up and down and can be adjusted side to side.

Airline Passenger Travel

For those times when it only makes sense to fly on a Commercial Airline you will want to have the Mach5 Wireless Headset with you. The Stereo Receiver clips into the base headset in the place of the Boom Microphone. The Stereo Transmitter pairs with the Stereo Receiver and plugs into the audio port for your seat, usually found on the armrest. You will have the ability to have excellent noise cancellation as well as the freedom to listen (without wires) to the music provided or watch the shows during your flight.

Listening to Music

Have the ability to listen to any musical device (ipod, mp3 player, home stereo, etc.) in comfort and ease. The Mach 5 is compatible with almost any musical device, as long as it has a normal headset audio port. High fidelity sound combined with noise canceling technology makes you feel like you're on the front row.

Making and Receiving Phone Calls

The Mach 5 allows you to make and receive calls from your cell phone hands-free. With the highest noise-cancelling technology, you can place phone calls in any environment (call centers, airports, retail stores, sports events, etc.) and have clear sound on both ends of the call.

Skype and Google Voice

The Mach5 Wireless Headset can connect to your PC and operate as both a stereo headset and microphone. This is perfect if you enjoy making phone calls through your PC with services like Skype or Google Voice. It also comes in really handy if you enjoy computer gaming and want wireless stereo sound and even wireless communication for online gaming.